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The Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service.

Our funding comes from grants and special endowments plus occasional fundraising events. The most important element of our funding is donations, both corporate and individual. Please see our contribution options below.

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Woodrow Feeder Pattern

Woodrow Wilson High School

J. L. Long Middle School

Elementary Schools

Stonewall Jackson Elementary School

Lakewood Elementary School

Robert E Lee Elementary School

William Lipscomb Elementary School

Eduardo Mata Elementary School

Mount Auburn Elementary School

O.M. Roberts Elementary School


Woodrow Wilson PTA


Stonewall Jackson PTA

Lakewood PTA

Lakewood Early Childhood PTA

Robert E Lee PTA

Old East Dallas Early Childhood PTA

Neighborhood Associations

Wilshire Heights

Greenland Hills Neighborhood Association

Lakewood Neighborhood Association

Vickery Place Neighborhood Association

The Woodrow Wilson Community Council includes representatives from PTAs, Early Childhood PTAs and Site Based Decision Making Committees serving the schools that form the feeder pattern for East Dallas' historic Woodrow Wilson High School. The Council is committed to working cooperatively to further the needs and goals of each group in the Woodrow community.